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Terms & Conditions for United Men Shop 

United Men Shop sources all of its medications and medical supplies from companies that are reputable for carrying only 100% genuine medications. All products supplied via our store go through a thorough examination procedure to ensure that only legitimate items leave our store. When it comes to pharmaceuticals, we believe that uniqueness and quality should never be compromised.

  • The generic medications that unitedmenshop.com sells have comparable chemical makeup to those made in the United States. The primary pharmaceutical firms grant a license to the subsidiary Indian pharmaceutical businesses for the patent prescription pharmaceuticals, which are then sold at a reduced price.
  • The moment the purchase is made, the credit card will be promptly invoiced. An email notification with all the payment details will be sent to you. Keep in mind that we don’t deliver orders within 24 hours in order to give you time to amend, modify, or cancel your address and/or purchase.
  • Unitedmenshop.com retains the complete authority to alter the website and its policies at any moment. Always review the relevant terms and conditions before transacting with unitedmenshop.com.

Personal information

You give Unitedmenshop.com permission to collect and use your personally identifiable information as long as you use the services it offers as our online pharmacy. We want our customers to be aware of all the personally identifiable information we collect from them, how we use it, and under what circumstances—if any—we may disclose it. If we ever update or amend our Privacy Policy, all the changes will be announced on this page.

When you place an order, we will ask you to create “your account,” which will contain your name, postal address, credit card number, expiration date, and a few other details when it comes to ordering medications. We guard against illegal access to or disclosure of your account information. Unless mandated by law, we shall not disclose any personally identifying information to any outside parties.


Before transmitting personally identifying information about our clients over the Internet, we encrypt it using SSL technology. This essentially prevents unauthorized parties from stealing personally identifiable information while it is being transported to unitedmenshop.com. In order to maintain security and privacy, the credit card information that our clients provide us is likewise kept in an encrypted manner in a database that is not online.

User Agreement 

  • The User Agreement stipulates that the drugs purchased from unitedmenshop.com, our online pharmacy, are intended for the user’s personal use only and may not be resold.
  • The user acknowledges and consents to the fact that the medications are made in different nations. There is clear mention of the country of origin on the packaging.
  • The patient should never decide to take the medication without first seeing a doctor and following their advice.
  • The user consents to contact us first should there be any issues with the order.

As an online pharmacy, United Men Shop provides medications in a variety of areas, including eye care, women’s health, and cancer. It can be challenging to shop for medications at times, and rushing from pharmacy to pharmacy is a major time waster. Our staff is fully aware of this, therefore we have professionals on hand to help you with everything from prescription assistance to selecting the appropriate medications and having them delivered directly to your door.